There are a plethora of data sources from which you can extract data into Power BI. You can connect to data files on your local system, Excel files, Azure SQL Database, Facebook, Google Analytics, Power BI datasets, etc.

You can connect to cloud-based sources, on-premises data sources using gateways, online services, direct connections, etc. We have listed some commonly used data sources below.

  • File: Excel, Text/CSV, XML, PDF, JSON, Folder, SharePoint.

  • Database: SQL Server database, Access database, Oracle database, SAP HANA database, IBM, MySQL, Teradata, Impala, Amazon Redshift, Google BigQuery, etc.

  • Power BI: Power BI datasets and Power BI dataflows.

  • Azure: Azure SQL, Azure SQL Data Warehouse, Azure Analysis Services, Azure Data Lake, Azure Cosmos DB, etc.

  • Online Services: Salesforce, Azure DevOps, Google Analytics, Adobe Analytics, Dynamics 365, Facebook, GitHub, etc.

  • Others: Python script, R script, Web, Spark, Hadoop File (HDFS), ODBC, OLE DB, Active Directory, etc.